Road services

  • Preparation of expert opinions
  • Causes of damage in road construction
  • Elaboration of rehabilitation proposals
  • Expert opinion on preservation of evidence
  • Acceptance and control tests, e.g. in accordance with ZTV Asphalt-StB, from a single source
    - Examination of the construction materials
    - of the mix
    - of the paved layer
  • Evaluation of the structure and condition of road and airfield construction e.g. by
    - bearing capacity measurements with the falling weight deflectometer (FWD)
    - core sampling
    - determination of material properties with dynamic test methods in the laboratory
  • Analysis of surface properties
    - Assessment of longitudinal evenness of roads and flight operation surfaces with the KArgus
    - Acceptance of road surfaces by means of planograph simulation from longitudinal profiles determined by fast travel
    - Assessment of road grip with the SRT method
  • Compaction checks and bearing capacity determinations, e.g. with the plate pressure device, the light falling weight device or the falling weight deflectometer
  • Investigations within the scope of pavement management
  • Traffic engineering analyses
  • Measurement of local traffic data with the traffic statistics device SR3
  • Accident surveys and safety assessments


Road and airfield construction

  • Testing and evaluation of construction materials and mixtures
    - Asphalt
    - Bitumen and bituminous binders
    - Natural, artificial and recycled aggregates and mixtures
    - Hydraulically bound mixtures
    - Soils
  • Suitability and control tests as well as arbitration tests for aggregates, bitumen (e.g. PmB) and asphalt
  • Extended suitability tests of asphalt, e.g. testing of the deformation behavior of rolled asphalt with the compressive swell test and the rutting test or of mastic asphalt with the dynamic stamp penetration test
  • Quality monitoring of gravel, crushed stone, bitumen and asphalt mixing plants
  • Monitoring and certification of aggregates according to the Construction Products Directive
  • Behavioral testing of construction materials in the servo-hydraulic testing machine(hydropulse plant), e.g. pressure swell tests, punch penetration tests or split tensile tests
  • Production of practical asphalt test specimens with the rolling sector compactor


Environmental analysis and compatibility of building materials

  • Testing of building materials for relevant parameters of environmental compatibility, e.g. according to LAGA, the relevant administrative regulations, RuA-StB and RuVA-StB or the quality assurance system Recycling-Baustoffe Baden-Württemberg e.V. (QRB)
  • Examination of contaminated building materials (e.g. consolidation with tar-containing building materials) and statements on environmentally compatible recyclability
  • Reuse and application of waste incineration slags and electric furnace slags e.g. as building materials for high-quality asphalt road construction


Courses in road construction

  • Implementation of courses
    - laboratory practical course for students in the 1st semester Bachelor
    - laboratory practical course in road construction for students in the 7th semester
  • Research and development [ISE projects]
  • Professional training
  • Regular execution of e.g. laboratory technician trainings in the field of asphalt, bitumen and aggregate testing